Our company Matryoshka and Handicrafts is located in the city of Brest (Country Belarus).

We produce nesting dolls (matryoshkas).
You will see in our store a lot of models of matryoshkas.
These are simple traditional nesting dolls, heroes of famous fairytales and cartoons, thematic ones. You can choose a great unusual gift for any person. You can give your child a matryoshka doll with a fairy tale, for your dentist is a dental set of nesting dolls. And a lot, and many others. Our designers regularly come up with new models of nesting dolls. Bright, joyful painting of each Russian nesting doll from Brest is a great gift for each person and for various reasons.
Patterns, colors and shapes may vary slightly due to the fact that all authentic nesting dolls are handmade.

When making matryoshkas we use wood of alder, aspen and linden. Timber that is intended for the manufacture of dolls, usually is cut down in early spring, purified from the bark, leaving in some places of the log rings of bark to prevent during drying cracking of the wood. Prepared in this way the logs are stacked in piles, between them there is a gap for air flow. Usually timber is kept in the open air for several years to bring it up to a certain condition, avoiding not proper drying. Only an experienced master can determine the readiness of the material. Ready to process the logs are sawn into billets for future dolls. The doll blank overcomes though up to 15 operations in the hands of a turner before becoming a finished doll. The dolls are polished to a smooth finish and are now ready for the artist to paint. The artist uses special fine brushes made of sable or squirrel’s hair and water-based paint. The final step is applying lacquer to give the dolls a beautiful, lasting finish.

Nesting doll is a huge artistic event which requires comprehension. It is both sculpture and painting, image and soul of Russia.

Wholesale. Please contact us if interested in cooperation. We are waiting for you. We will be glad to offer an excellent wholesale program of cooperation.