Only with LOVE
for your heart

- since 1953 -

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Matryoshka Russian Doll is a symbol of love, care, and strong relations between people.

BRAND PHILOSOPHY of Brest Souvenir Factory

The Brest souvenir factory has been producing products since 1953. We carefully preserve the century-old traditions of folk crafts. Our factory sells products all over the world: hundreds of unique nesting dolls, painted chess, decorative wooden boxes, carved figures and much more. We invite you to visit the company store-museum at Brest, street Yanka Kupala 5, where you can not only buy our products, but also get acquainted with our history. We hold master classes on painting nesting dolls, where our guests embody their creative ideas.

We invite you to


Belarus, Brest, Yanka Kupala str. 5

where you can get acquainted with the history
of the Brest matryoshka and see our entire range