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Matryoshka Russian Doll is a symbol of love, care, and strong relations between people.

Blank nesting doll overcome through up to 15 operations in the hands of a turner before becoming a finished doll. The artist uses special fine brushes and water-based paint. The final step is applying safe varnish. Nesting dolls are also known as Russian dolls, Baboushka nesting dolls, Matryoshka dolls, Stacking dolls.

Nesting dolls are hand-crafted wooden dolls of increasing size that fit inside one another. We want to provide safe and well-made products to you and your family that will be passed down through generations.

If you want to make a really unique and original gift, if you want to amaze and delight someone you care about - Russian Nesting Dolls is an excellent choice! Only eco materials are used in the process of creation.

When you buy nesting dolls, you're investing in the maker and getting a little piece of all the time they've spent, not just making it, but learning their craft – their inspiration, imagination, and passion.

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